Free Live Webcast – 3rd Annual Conference on HIV Stigma



Friday, November 30th, 2012, Howard University 

Only love can cure HIV. Stigma stems from ignorance and fear. It is the main reason why HIV continues to spread and kill individuals. Stigma creates this feeling of “otherness” and places blame on the affected person. Those living with HIV have been robbed of all their basic human rights. Your partnership and a small donation would help us restore the dignity of somebody with HIV and help prevent spread of this disease.  Please make a donation of 50 cents, a dollar, 20 dollars, 100 dollars or more today. All proceeds benefit children and families with HIV.

Speakers include:

Dr. DeLuca, CDC — Instrumental in getting Let’s Stop HIV Together, a new HIV awareness and anti-stigma campaign, launched mid-July.

Dr. Thingsing, Touch of Hope Foundation — Helped establishe over 30 AIDS care centers in Asia providing lifesaving medical services to over 30,000 people living with AIDS.

Kathi Winter, Saddleback Church — Speaks as a positive HIV woman who stands in declaring that the stigma and shame of living with HIV can be stopped at the church level.

Dr. Tamara Henry, National Council of Negro Women — Mobilizes young women in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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