Grounding Trauma 2013 – A National Conference

A National Conference
Grounding Trauma 2013
May 8 & 9, 2013
Alliston, Ontario, Canada

Pre-conference May 7: Building Bridges: Linking Woman Abuse, Substance Use And Mental Ill Health

“Grounding Trauma 2012 was arguably the best conference I have ever attended, and I have been in the field for 40 year.”
Joyce Kahler, RN. North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Internationally, there is a growing understanding of the numerous and diverse effects of trauma and unresolved grief on individuals and communities. In the last few years there have been many advances in our understanding of how the brain, the body and emotions are connected.  We are more aware of how brain plasticity changes the landscape of therapy, how body awareness is linked to progress, and ways in which we can affect positive change in the lives of youth and adults. It brings hope to our work in new and exciting ways.  We are eager to explore new, emerging, progressive and creative approaches to trauma.

Confirmed presentations include a stream connecting the effects of trauma in the body (Somatic Theory) with Yoga Principles.

Note: The pre-conference agenda is fixed. We are accepting proposals to compliment the theme in the main body of the conference.

Deadline for Submissions: December 14, 2012. You will be notified by February 8, 2013.

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