BC Civil Liberties Launches Patient Rights Resources on HIV Testing

On Sept. 27/12 the BC Civil Liberties Association launched two new guides on patient rights in the context of HIV testing. The tremendous benefits of new treatment options for HIV have fostered a push for “routine” HIV testing, but information about patients’ rights has not kept pace.

Micheal Vonn, Policy Director of the BCCLA: “Everyone supports the goals of increased access to testing and treatment, but we can’t build a supportive culture for HIV testing by denying people essential information to make their own choices and exercise their rights. There’s been an unfortunate trend to minimizing information for patients that urgently needs to be reversed.”

The new guides cover issues such as informed consent, “non-nominal” (no-name) testing, how to safeguard your medical privacy and limit who can view your medical information, and information about the criminal law and non-disclosure to sexual partners.

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