CBC Interviews Joe Average on Photography

CBC Interviews Joe Average on Photography

Photo by Joe Average

Joe Average is exploring photography as a new medium that helps him deal with the challenges of living with HIV.

In this CBC interview, aired August 30, 2012, Average discusses why he laid down his paintbrushes and how photography has emerged as a new creative means to explore and engage the world. In doing so, he is fostering new relationships and connections- such as  with a family of seagulls who have adopted his patio-or perhaps, it is the other way around…

Up close and personal perhaps best describes the interview- and this intimacy is also reflected in his photography.

Whatever medium Average chooses, he inspires one to take a second look at the familiar things that we see. The things that can swamp us, leave us feeling alone and hopeless. Perhaps there is something in the moment right here and now that is tender and beautiful.

I was very much struck by Average’s discussion about how photography has helped him deal with some of the most difficult and painful moments in his life-  including despair and isolation. And he affirms that creative expression can be an important healing tool in each of our lives.

CBC Interview with Joe Average

Thanks Joe Average!

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Carlene Dingwall (BA, M.Ed, PhD Candidate)

Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV/HCV Initiative