Positive Living BC launching pilot project – Positive Women’s University

Positive Living BC is proudly launching a pilot project, Positive Women’s University, October 19-21, 2012 at Loon Lake Camp, Maple Ridge. Please find our poster enclosed.

The initiative stemmed from the Seattle Gay City University model. Richard Harrison, Positive Living Support Department staff, presented it at the Positive Gathering, held 2009 in Vancouver, as the workshop, Gay-Positive Men’s University.

Impassioned conversations with female members of Positive Living BC regarding the development of learning opportunities in a peer-to-peer setting, stimulated the development of the initiative for women.

Women’s Paragraph of Passions writing workshop was offered this year at the Positive Gathering as a test-run for the Positive Women’s University project.  Women attending the workshop at the Gathering were excited at the prospect of working together teaching other women topics they are passionate about.  Gardening, movement, yoga, relationships, sexuality, dance and how pets affect healing, were among the subjects women were keen to share.

Women will be both teachers and workshop participants.  They will be mentors and champions for each other.  Peers teaching peers.  No teaching or presentation experience will be necessary.  The desire to teach/instruct/guide others and knowledge of the subject is all that is required to submit an application and proposal.

A supportive, shared learning space with women from all walks of life, education levels and cultures, broadens the understanding of diverse lives and contributes to normalizing HIV. Participants will leave with new ideas, connections with other women and enhanced support systems, complete with the knowledge that what is important to them matters and has value.

Women have been teachers all their lives; celebrate that by sharing passions with peers.

For more information regarding application and proposal submission:
or telephone; Richard 604.893.2258,[email protected]
or Jackie 604.893.2259, [email protected]


Jackie Haywood, Director of Support Services

To download the application, please CLICK HERE.