Membership Renewal: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

From William Booth, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Board Member:

Dear Colleagues,

Unjust laws, policies, and violations of human rights continue to worsen the impact of HIV/AIDS here in Canada and around the world. Such application contributes to a climate of anxiety, fear, stigma and misinformation that puts all Canadians at greater risk.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network works to ensure that the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS are respected, protected and fulfilled, by promoting sound public policy and laws that facilitate equitable HIV prevention efforts, treatment, care and support.

The Legal Network is recognized as Canada’s leading voice and a key advocacy organization working on these important issues.  The Legal Network provides valuable support and resources for the work we all undertake.

This past year alone, the Legal Network worked to:

  • Intervene in the February 2012 appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on two landmark appeals on the issue of HIV non-disclosure. The Court’s decision will have profound implications not only for people living with HIV (PLHIV), but also for Canadian public health, police practice and the criminal justice system.
  •  Bring about concrete change in keeping the need to reform Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR) on the table federally with Bill C-398 now before the House of Commons in order to ensure access to affordable essential medicines in the developing world;
  • Played a key role in keeping HIV/AIDS-related issues in the headlines during the last Federal election;
  • Educate legal professionals and community members throughout Canada on legal issues related to criminalization of HIV non-disclosure and exposure, and increased pressure on provincial governments to establish prosecutorial guidelines to reduce the negative impacts associated with the current legal climate.  Most recently, we held a very successful seminar for legal professionals and community members on this important issue in Vancouver;
  • To keep INSITE open through a successful intervention in the recent Supreme Court case.

Help us to continue this work by renewing your membership or by signing up as a new member for 2012.  Visit to learn how.

Thanks for your continued support and best wishes for your endeavours in the coming year.