CATIE: HepC Info Update 3.1

Check out CATIE’s latest HepC Info Update!  This issues topics include:

  • France: Is more frequent monitoring for liver cancer among co-infected people needed?
  • Crack pipe distribution pilot project in Vancouver
  • Health authority weighs adding more supervised injection sites
  • Researchers identify liver cancer risk factors
  • CDC reminder: Insulin pens are not for use on more than one person
  • An integrated alcohol abuse and medical treatment model for patients with hepatitis C – Digestive Diseases and Sciences, December 2011, in English
  • Help-seeking and coping with the psychosocial burden of chronic hepatitis C: A qualitative study of patient, hepatologist, and counsellor perspectives – International Journal of Nursing Studies, January 2012, in English
  • Neurocognitive Effects of HIV, Hepatitis C, and Substance Use History – Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, January 2012, in English

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