Guest Blog: Darren Lauscher on Ageing

What is ageing? By most dictionary definitions it is growing older, living a long life. What is ageing to someone diagnosed  in the 80’s – maybe 5 to 7 years if you live a “healthy lifestyle”.

I can remember being at work and it was RSP season and everyone was chatting about how much they were going to contribute and what that would look like by the time they hit 65. “Whoo hoo” I thought, if only they knew… retirement – what that hell is that? I probably wouldn’t make it to 35.  Retirement savings – something to be spent now and enjoy life because you certainly can’t take it with you.  Much like the Aseop Fable about the Ants and the Grasshopper, I was the Grasshopper. Bloody hell, along came the drugs – yes the first batch were down right killers with horrific side effects. Then some rejigging and a few more trickled out into the market. A few more years were being added to those original longevity numbers. Oh dear ARV’s, yeah! Still side effects, some nasty.  Longevity increasing, still only predictions, mind you. Oh yes, I had left the work force, had gotten my affairs in order, was breaking the news to family and friends…

Problem now, I lived, I’m one of the “lucky ones”; some survivor guilt – I have buried way too many friends. Life goes on, I’m still on hold, what to do about retirement?