Call for Submissions: Our Lives, Artists and Allies

 “Our Lives, Artists and Allies”

 “Art has a way of reaching into our hearts and Inspiring us to connect to the humanity within us all” 


We are a small group of students who are currently looking for HIV positive artists to submit photos of their work for display in an upcoming art show.

We believe:

  • When created at a community level, art is an accessible way of getting the message out.
  • Art is a powerful form of story telling, and that everyone’s story is unique and of equal value.
  • That by sharing our lives and experiences through our art, we can help to create a more inclusive and tolerant society.
  • That art can be therapeutic process and can be an important part of healing our bodies’ minds and spirits.
  • That we are much more than our illness and our struggles.


  • To celebrate our lives and experiences.
  • To challenge stigma.
  • To support HIV pos artists to generate extra income.
  • To support local arts programs within the ASO community.
  • To encourage inclusiveness and connection.

We would ask that submissions include a high resolution photo of your work along with a short bio, including as much or as little about your piece and yourself as you would like to share, to [email protected]. Or you can call Rebeccah at 604-375-4843. 

Deadline for submissions will be January 20th 2011.

Our Lives Artists and Allies is a project of the

Community Capacity Building Certificate course at SFU.

Please visit us at our website,