Living Positive Resource Centre sends open letter to Norm Letnick, MLA, opposing private member bill

As mentioned in a previous post, Norm Letnick, MLA, has put forward a private members bill that  could potentially force people to have their blood tested if their bodily fluids come in contact with an emergency service provider.  Living Positive Resource Centre has sent an open letter to Mr. Letnick opposing this bill and stating "We feel that the introduction of such a bill perpetuates the fear, stigma, and misinformation associated with blood-borne infections where a more effective response would involve education rather than a legislated violation of Human Rights."  LPRC goes on to state that there have been no documented cases of an emergency service providers contracting HIV through contact on the job, and that, in fact, the chances of contracting HIV through a needle stick are less than 1%, with other means of transmission even less. 

To read the full letter, please click here.