Employment Opportunity – CWHN Executive Director


The Canadian Women’s Health Network (CWHN) is looking for a new leader. 

Canada’s leading independent voice for trusted women’s health information is seeking a new Executive Director.  The organization, with its head office in Winnipeg, has strong networks and affiliations throughout the country.  The CWHN focuses on providing high quality information about women’s health for researchers, health care providers, policy makers and Canadian women.

We strive to be an independent, critical voice for women’s health in Canada. Throughout our 14-year history, we have helped to lead and define the women’s health agenda in this country.  We have taken courageous positions, built strong communities, and spoken out on behalf of women and girls.

The CWHN is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic and determined champion for women’s health.  We are looking for an exceptional woman to help us take our next steps into the future, a thoughtful leader with passion and a commitment to social change.

The complete job posting is available HERE.  Deadline is May 18, 2011.