WISER/young women’s project Job Posting @ YouthCO

Job Posting: The Women’s Initiatives for Support, Education & Re-Entry (WISER) Project Coordinator-Temporary Full Time

Since 1994, YouthCO has provided opportunities for young people ages 15-29 to play a leading role in the design & delivery of innovative peer-based Support and Education programming. We provide prevention and support services to youth living with or affected by HIV & Hepatitis C. As a youth-driven agency, we provide outreach, education, trainings, volunteer opportunities, advocacy & support. www.youthco.org

We are seeking a full-time Women’s Program Coordinator. Our Women’s Program is part of the support program which is peer directed and provides referrals, advocacy, counselling and harm reduction information to youth living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. The WISER project is focussing particularly on young women.

We wish to emphasize that we are seeking to interview a wide array of candidates from diverse backgrounds. Both experiential knowledge as well as transferable skills will be taken into consideration. If you feel you are a great fit for the job but don’t have all the requirements, IT DOESN’T HURT TO APPLY.

The complete job posting is available HERE.