AIDS Vancouver Job Posting – Grocery Coordinator





Job Summary:

The Grocery Coordinator is accountable for all aspects of the Grocery Program which strives to enhance client capacity for food security and nutrition. The Coordinator has a passion for working with volunteers in the delivery of the Program as well as for nutrition and food security.

The Coordinator works with our ASO and other partners to determine the needs of AIDS Vancouver clients in relation to ongoing food security. The Coordinator also leverages and develops fund development opportunities including direct solicitation to donors of in kind and financial gifts and works with the Development and Communications Manager on funding opportunities/grants.

The Grocery Coordinator ensures the ordering, delivery of food products, shelving and distribution of food items for the Grocery Program and manages all aspects of the budget. In conjunction with the Volunteer Resources Coordinator the Coordinator recruits, trains, evaluates and recognizes volunteers for the Grocery Program.

The Nutritional Exchange Program which enhances our clients capacity with skill and knowledge building is led by the Grocery Coordinator who will work with nutrition volunteers to deliver this Program.

The closing date is January 15, 2011

The complete job posting is here.