Harm Reduction Canada 2011

Harm Reduction Canada 2011
A National Conference
Ottawa, Canada
February 23-25, 2011


1 – Registration is open! Please visit the website.

2 – RFP deadline extended to November 22, 2010.

While open to any and all ideas, there is an added focus on harm reduction in the following areas:

  • harm reduction in shelters, housing outreach and housing support
  • harm reduction, sex work/workers
  • trauma-informed work
  • harm reduction therapy

You are encouraged to submit any other ideas that you find relevant. interesting or challenging.

We are willing and able to assist in further developing ideas if need be.

3 – A letter from the convener

Hello Friends,

My name is Tom Regehr – I am the organizer of Harm Reduction Canada 2011. I work with associates throughout Ontario and Canada. Together we work under the name of CAST Canada– http://cast-canada.ca/.

Over the last few years, I have held successful national trauma conferences. Grounding Trauma 2011 will be held in central Ontario in May. ( However?)  The bulk of my work consists of developing and delivering workshops that focus on trauma and substance abuse for general helping professionals. The typical format is a discussion panel made up of consumers and trauma survivors. The typical audience is largely made up of housing support, street outreach and employment workers along with a wide variety of other helping professionals. During the discussions, which take up at least half of the day, the audience presents a large variety of views and opinions about harm reduction. The topic is quite controversial and much of the information presented about it from the audience is questionable – there is much stigma and angst surrounding the concept.  The present federal government’s and public’s opinion of harm reduction is an area of concern.

I decided to host a national conference on harm reduction based on the above information, and because Canada has not had one for some time.  Support for the idea is very encouraging to date.

I am hoping to have an exciting, challenging, motivating and positive event.  The proposals and developments to date are very encouraging. We are going to have some great presenters, engaging films, panel discussions and energetic debates.

Please consider submitting a proposal, I am willing to help you further develop your ideas if needed,

Sign up now! Space is limited,


Sincerely, I look forward to hearing from you,

Tom Regehr



Conference Highlights:

Within the conference is Canada’s first Harm Reduction Film Festival with dynamic panels and events curated by ‘inthemindseye’

Opportunity to directly support the Vienna Declaration

Some presentations that are confirmed,

  • “Adventurous Change in Shelter and Housing” – Presentation and forum with Cathy Middleton
  • “Overdose Prevention” stream with film, presentations and some ‘how to’ from around Canada
  • “Best Practices for Safer Crack Kit Programs” moderated by Patricia Bacon from the North West Territories  and Walter Cavalieri, the Canadian Harm Reduction Network.
  • Discussion forum around the proposed “Harm Reduction 2.0”’ – are the words ‘harm reduction’ still relevant?
  • “Why The Four Pillars Do Not Work” –  and a new model
  • “The Need to ‘Bottom Out’ ”. Hurtful Myths, Dangerous Language – Confronting these common ideas in harm reduction with Dr. Peter Ferentzy.


WEBSITE http://cast-canada.ca/
[email protected]