Gay Men’s Health Summit 2010: Call for Submissions Deadline Extended to Monday September 20

Impact, Resistance & Resilience: Reshaping gay men’s thinking about mental wellness

Plan to attend the 6th Gay Men’s Health Summit

Thursday November 25 & Friday November 26, 2010
Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University
515 West Hastings St., Vancouver

Call for Submissions: Presentations, Workshops, Video

What’s the impact of homo-negativity on gay men and their communities? What are the social determinants that affect our mental health and wellness? You are invited to share your knowledge and experience about gay men across the life span. We welcome submissions that consider programs, research, policy, community development and cultural initiatives related to how gay men strive for well-being in the face of stigma and homophobia. You might consider the following questions:

Do we need action, advocacy or the couch?
Are gay men able to access psychological services in BC?
Do mental health professionals receive appropriate training?
Are the psychosocial needs of HIV positive gay men being addressed?
How does our mental health impact our sexual health?
Are peer support programs effective?
How has humour helped our community?
Why do so many gay men want counselling services?
How do we nurture resilience in gay teenagers?
Are addiction services in BC responding to gay men’s needs?

Deadline: Monday, September 20, 2010

Send your submission with title, author(s) and affiliation to: [email protected]
Maximum 300 words. Choose from Option 1 or 2 for a 15 minutes presentation; or Choose Option 3 for a 1-1.5 hour workshop.

Option 1
Background: Study or program objectives; description of problem
Methods: Methods applied; approach taken
Results: Specific results; summarized data
Conclusions: Main outcome of project

Option 2
Issues: Summary of the issues to be addressed
Description: Description of project, service, experience
Lessons Learned: Conclusions and implications
Next Steps: Suggestions for implementation; further action or research

Option 3 Workshop
Description of workshop / video with objectives, activities and outcomes.