Reps from PAN Member Agencies Encouraged to Consider Running for the Board

During the Forum and AGM that will be taking place on October 5th, 2010, elections for our Board of Directors will take place and the Board Nominations Committee will be making recommendations to the membership regarding the seats that are up for election.  

While we will take nominations from the floor at both the Forum and the AGM, the Nominations Committee has created a process that will help to:

·         Ensure that the Board of PAN has a full complement of Board members from every region;

·         Further inform PAN member organizations about the roles and responsibilities of board members;

·         Ensure that qualified folks end up joining the Board; and

·         Provide the voting membership with more opportunities to consider the qualifications of candidates in advance.


Why you might want to join our Board

This continues to be an exciting time for the network as we continue to make significant strides in providing quality professional development opportunities for the staff and volunteers of our member organizations, as well as leadership development training for PHAs throughout BC. 2009/2010 has been a year of significant growth and accomplishment for PAN and it is with confidence that we project an ongoing upward trajectory into 2010/2011. Come join our team and make a real difference at PAN by lending your voice and vision to the community-based response to the HIV/AIDS and HCV co-infection epidemics here in BC!  


What seats are up for election at PAN’s Fall meeting?

At this time, the following seats will be open for election at our Fall 2010 meeting.

  • Northern: one designated PHA seat. & One open seat. (Vacancies remaining from 2009 AGM).
  • Interior: one designated PHA seat. Chris MacKenzie, of the Living Positive Resource Centre, who will be completing his two-year term, has indicated he will be running for re-election as an incumbent and the Board endorses him in this.
  • Fraser: one open seat (vacancy resulting from resignation of Kim Lloyd).  
  • Vancouver Coastal: one designated PHA seat. Darren Lauscher, of the Vancouver Friends For Life Society, who will be completing his two-year term, has indicated he will be running for re-election as an incumbent and the Board endorses him in this. & One open seat (vacancy resulting from resignation of Stephanie Grant).
  • Vancouver Island: one designated PHA seat. & One open seat. Katrina Jensen, of AIDS Vancouver Island, who will be completing her two-year term, has indicated she will be running for re-election as an incumbent and the Board endorses her in this. 
  • Provincial Health Services: one open seat. Marcie Summers, of the Positive Women’s Network, who will be completing her two-year term, has indicated she will be running for re-election as an incumbent and the Board endorses her in this. 

Therefore, the Board is actively recruiting and seeking advance applications for the following five Board positions:

  • Northern: one designated PHA seat, one open seat
  • Fraser: one open seat
  • Vancouver Coastal: one open seat
  • Vancouver Island: one designated PHA seat 

Are you or someone at your PAN member organization interested in running for the Board?

If you wish to be considered by the Board Nominations Committee for one of these positions, we ask the following:

  • That you register for the Fall meeting as an official PAN delegate by the deadline of July 30th, 2010
  • That you complete a Board application that may found on PAN’s website at
  • That you provide a letter of endorsement from a representative of your PAN member organization (Executive Director or Board Chair or equivalent)
  • That you return these documents to the following email address – [email protected] (scanned version) by Monday, September 6th, 2010

The Nominations Committee will review all applications and will formulate their recommendations by September 15th, 2010.

Any and all applications received by the Nominations Committee (including for the applicants already being endorsed, above – namely, Chris, Karen, Katrina and Marcie), will be circulated in advance of the Forum and AGM as part of the AGM notice/package that will be going out to member agencies and organizations the 3rd week of September. This means that PAN member organizations will have the opportunity to review the applications/qualifications in advance of the meetings.

Will PAN still be taking nominations from the floor?

Yes, we will. However, we will still require that all PAN delegates who are nominated from the floor complete an application and provide proof of endorsement from their PAN member organization/agency.

What are the qualifications the Board is seeking in potential applicants?

  • Experienced in the field of HIV/AIDS
  • Ideally minimum of two years experience working in the field
  • Past Committee or Board work experience
  • Able to look at the “big picture” and think strategically
  • Dedication – in spirit – as well as the time and energy to commit to this volunteer experience
  • Team player – knowing what you bring to the table and being open to what others bring as well
  • Willingness to learn, get involved and stay engaged

    What are the expectations of all Board members?

  • Adhere to PAN’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics (see
  • Attend monthly Board meetings (held via teleconference) – 90 minutes
  • Attend (day long) in-person/face-to-face Board meetings – two times per year (typically coincides with PAN conferences)
  • Committee work throughout the year: policy, governance, membership, PHA Leadership, finance, etc.
  • Able to access email and reliable computer access
  • If you have questions regarding this process, require further information or want to hear more about our experiences of being on the Board of Directors, you can reach the Board Selection Committee via email at [email protected] or contact Jennifer Evin Jones, Executive Director at 250.537.4082.