Hot Off the Press! Evaluation Report for BC’s PHA Leadership Training

The Evaluation Report for BC’s 1st ever PHA Leadership Level I Training is now available and it is our distinct pleasure to make this available to our supporters and member organizations. To download a PDF of the Evaluation Report, prepared by Evaluation Consultant Susan Dann, please CLICK HERE.

A total of 18 PHAs from throughout BC attended the leadership training in September, and upon completing the event, were asked to fill out two evaluations. This data was compiled by an Evaluation Consultant for PAN, who prepared the attached report.

As noted by the Consultant within the report:

The PHA Leadership – Level I training, BC’s first-ever, was a resounding success with most of the 18 participants who attended training in September.   The OAN facilitators & PAN “facilitators-in-training” reported a successful program from their perspective too! 

Practically all of those involved were energized by the experience.  The participants are imagining the next steps for their personal leadership development and the PAN facilitators and organizers are planning the next phase for the PAN PHA Leadership Program.

Some of the written comments from the evaluations completed by the participants include:

It certainly was a life changing experience for me.

I had an amazing experience and will take back what I learned and share / apply in my agency, life and community! Thank you!

It was one of the best programs I have been involved in. I was so surprised to be working on self as well as program material. The facilitators were amazing. I hope that we have the opportunity to take the other level with the same people who are here now.

As someone who has been in a leadership position for some time I applaud your efforts, I now feel there are strong leaders being developed and that will make transitioning from an “in front” leadership role to one of leading from behind and mentoring in the future.

Great job!! One word-WOW!!! And yet not enough words to express my appreciation for this weekend!!!

In terms of the evaluation data, the training scored extremely highly in a number of key outcomes including understanding core values, building confidence as a leader, and feeling more connected to the HIV/AIDS movement. A high majority of participants also indicated that they felt that taking the training had encouraged them to increase their involvement with work, with volunteering, and with community activities; as well as increased confidence when relating to professionals and health care providers, at work, and when volunteering. 

Just a note as well, we will also be following up with participants and evaluating the training at 6 months, and 18 months. Again, we look forward to sharing the evaluation results from this, and all future leadership trainings, on our website.


As we reflect on the first training, we we would like to acknowledge the people and parties that made this possible:

Thank you to our partners at the Ontario AIDS Network, for helping PAN to bring this leadership training to PHAs in BC. In particular thank you to Thomas Egdorf and Ed Argo, OAN Facilitators, for travelling out west, to deliver the session and share your expertise and your wisdom.

Thank you to Kath Webster and Marc Seguin, the PAN "facilitators-in-training".  We tremendously appreciate your volunteer commitment, vision and passon and all of the energy, dedication and time you have devoted to making this a reality.  We look forward very much to continuing to work with you in developing this program in BC!



PAN would like to again acknowledge Merck Frosst, for their significant and generous financial support of the September 09 training. We are very pleased to be working partnership with you!

Thanks as well to the Public Health Agency of Canada, AIDS Community Action Program, for their financial contribution to the training as well as for their vision and sustained commitment to the Pacific AIDS Network.