Referral resources for BC CBR study participants

Archived June 2019

Within community-based research studies, it is a best practice to be able to offer research participants referrals to local support and service organizations. In BC, several studies have developed guides for their research coordinators and peer research associates to assist them in providing these referrals. In the spirit of collaboration, so that multiple studies aren’t reproducing the same work, we’ve collected some of these guides here. Feel free to use them to inform guides developed within your studies.

An additional BC resource created Positive Living BC: Peer Worker Support Project: Developing Industry Support Standards for Peer Workers Living with HIV.

If you have materials or resources that you would like to share for this page, or would like to let us know if any of them need updating, please email [email protected]. Thanks to the attendees of the CBR in BC Quarterly Meetings for sharing these resources.