STI and Blood-borne Infections: Testing and Cases 2017-2021 in BC

This webinar in our PAN Presents series focused on an epidemiological snap-shot of STI and blood-borne Infections (STBBI) across 5 years. Testing for STBBIs fell in 2020 coinciding with the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about changes in test positivity and cases compared to previous years.


Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers, including harm reduction workers
  • Community members and other allies
  • Researchers
  • People interested in the epidemiology of infectious disease in BC



Teddy Consolacion (she/they used most regularly, but doesn’t correct anyone who uses he/him) is an epidemiologist at BCCDC in HIV. With a PhD in Social Psychology, they have worked in different public health agencies in the US and Canada for over ten years. Their interests include research on the intersectionality of identities and downstream health outcomes.

Presentation slides


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