HIV, hepatitis c and Syphilis Testing and Cases for 2020 in BC


As part of the Collective Impact Network meeting, PAN hosted a short presentation called “HIV, Hepatitis C and Syphilis Testing and Cases for 2020 in BC”, followed by an unrecorded Q&A.  The results presented were from 2016 – 2020 (estimated).  They included:

  • HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis testing and percent positivity
  • HIV, hepatitis C and Syphilis cases
  • Case breakdowns by gender, age, exposure, and Health Authority


Presenter: Theodora B. Consolacion, Ph.D., Epidemiologist, Clinical Prevention Services, BCCDC [email protected]



Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers, including harm reduction workers
  • Community members and other allies
  • Researchers
  • People interested in the epidemiology of infectious disease in BC