Hepatitis C Testing to Treatment Know-How

We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar in our KnowledgeConnect series. KnowledgeConnect events help frontline organizations build their skills, health literacy, and community connections.

We’ll be discussing hepatitis C in our KnowledgeConnect webinar on March 22nd.  Presenter Sofia Bartlett will share knowledge about hepatitis C prevalence in BC (Hepatitis C rates in BC are among the highest in all of Canada), access to different kinds of testing and understanding what they can tell us.  She’ll also talk about treatment, what a “cure” means when we talk about hepatitis C, reinfection, and more. This webinar will give you information to help the folks you support and enhance community education.

This webinar will support the work of:

  • People interested in sexual health and blood-borne infections
  • Support workers
  • Health service advocates
  • Educators


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