Feedback from 2021 PHAC LOI Application Process- CAF and HRF

PAN serves as a collective voice for our members, speaking up on issues that impact the health of people our member organizations serve. This includes sustainable funding for the community-based sector and social inequities affected by government decision-making. We are gathering input from the recent Letter of Intent (LOI) funding process with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to learn more about how PAN members’ applications fared, and populations and communities impacted by PHAC funding decisions.

With the information we gathered from the previous round of CAF funding, we produced the Evaluation Survey Report: PHAC’s HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund (CAF) Processes and Impacts. This report was sent to PHAC and used in follow-up discussions with them regarding needed improvements to the application process. Feedback from members was also used in subsequent advocacy with the federal government regarding the need to increase the funding envelope.

We would now appreciate PAN member feedback on the recent LOI process which has just concluded.  The information you share will be used to inform our feedback to PHAC about the impact of funding decisions in BC. We will also use it in discussions with the federal government and in this PAN will continue to work with other partners nationally as we continue to call for additional funding. We will not provide details that could identify a specific organization or project.

Please contact me with any questions. Thanks in advance for your participation, and for the work that you do.


J. Evin Jones, Executive Director. [email protected]

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