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Providing HIV and hepatitis C-related services in rural and remote communities may present its own set of challenges. Draw on the experience of organizations offering prevention, testing and treatment options tailored to the needs in these communities. The Anonymous HIV Testing Program is a rapid, anonymous HIV testing service offered in partnership with local organizations… Read more »

Our objective is to paint a more complete picture of mental health in Canada. This information will help answer important questions such as: How many Canadians experience positive mental health? How many suffer from common mental health conditions? What are the rates of suicide in Canada and how are these different for certain groups?  … Read more »

CATIE TreatmentUpdate 206

HIV—Pregnancy-related issues U.S. analysis of the safety of ART during pregnancy Good news about HIV drug safety from an even larger study Understanding the risks for hypospadias ART during pregnancy found safe for babies’ hearts General risk factors for premature births Premature births, protease inhibitors and progesterone Attitudes toward rapid HIV testing during labour Pregnancy-related… Read more »

CATIE’s HepCinfo Update 6.1

New and noteworthy Holkira Pak (AbbVie 3D combination) approved by Health Canada Holkira Pak cures Hep C in most liver transplant recipients Birth cohort screening more effective than risk-based testing in U.S.  

Researchers in the U.S. have collaborated on a study that assessed hearing problems among HIV-negative and HIV-positive people. The researchers found that some HIV-positive people were more likely to have difficulty hearing both high and low frequencies. There was no connection between the use of anti-HIV drugs and hearing loss. The implications of the present… Read more »

Study uncovers new ground about when to start HIV therapy A major question that has recurred since the availability of potent combination anti-HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART) is when this therapy should be initiated to ensure the optimal health of HIV-positive people. New research has revealed that early therapy may be highly beneficial…. Read more »

In this issue the CCDR explores what we know about the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Canada. Since 1998, Canadian rates of reported HCV cases have declined over 50%, but certain populations remain at risk. An estimated 1% of people have been exposed to Hepatitis C in Canada. In our Useful Links section, find some… Read more »

Authors: S. Kirkland, S. Patten, T. Krahn, S. Peddle & M. Gaspar Through the presentation of the challenges and successes of this work, readers will experience the journey that was taken to reflect on and provide advice for collaboratively and strategically working together to improve the lives of those living with these communicable diseases in… Read more »

Release: Tuberculosis: Drug resistance in Canada 2013

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control is pleased to announce the release of Tuberculosis:  Drug Resistance in Canada 2013.  An electronic copy of the report will be available on the PHAC website in January 2015 ( **************************************************************************************************** Il nous fait plaisir d’annoncer, de la part du Centre de… Read more »

HepCBC’s January 2015 Bulletin

Please note: HepCBC wants to clarify that the “speculative price” in Canada for AbbVie’s interferon-free HolkiraTM Pak given on page 3 of our January, 2015 Bulletin is not official, and doesn’t reflect any real pricing. We can say that on or before January 16th, we will be able to post the actual price on our… Read more »

SmartSex Resource – STI Updates – Gay Poz Sex: One Year Out

by Taylor Perry, GPS Research Coordinator, Positive Living BC Last November, Positive Living BC launched its new eight-week Gay Poz Sex (GPS) program as a randomized controlled trial, after previously holding only non-protocol groups. Early results All eight men from the original randomized group have completed the research program in its entirety – a remarkable… Read more »