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June 7, 2013 Feature: Search Pyramids from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. [REGISTER HERE] 1pm EDT (10am PDT) Need a faster, more efficient way to find high quality research evidence? Searching online for research evidence can be frustrating.  Searching can take a lot of time and may not produce the results you… Read more »

The Conference Report from our February 2013 Knowledge to Action event is now up on our website. The report captures the main themes of the event and also outlines the results of our evaluation of the conference, including lists of research and capacity building priorities identified by attendees. Click here to read the report. Please… Read more »

Our colleagues at the OHTN have launched two exciting education initiatives that will help build capacity in the field of community based HIV/AIDS research. The first is entitled the Learning Exchange for HIV/AIDS Peer Researchers (LEAP). LEAP provides high-quality, interactive and educational modules to support the work of peer researchers. LEAP collaborates with both community… Read more »

Guest Blog: PrEP HIM for better sex?

Discussions and research about the use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as an HIV prevention tool continue to expand our understanding of how it might fit into our toolkit. In this guest blog post (originally published on Robert Birch talks to Jody Jollimore of B.C.’s Health Initiative for Men, whose position on Pre-Exposure prophylaxis remains “cautiously… Read more »

PAN COMMUNITY-BASED RESEARCH GRANTS & PARTNERSHIP COORDINATOR   PURPOSE Throughout Canada, the importance and effectiveness of community-based research (CBR) to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the health and lives of people living with and affected by HIV has been well established. Through concentrated efforts to promote and develop CBR, it is possible to foster research… Read more »

Universities Without Walls HIV SOS Seminars Online Series welcomes Dr. Barry Adam (U of Windsor, Ontario HIV Treatment Network) who provides a thought-provoking talk titled “Where are we in HIV Reduction among Gay, Bisexual, and other Men who have Sex with Men?” and welcomes you online in an engaging seminar conversation. When? Watch Dr. Adam’s… Read more »

REACH Webinar on Respondent-Driven Sampling April 4

The REACH Capacity Building Committee invites you to learn about: Respondent-Driven Sampling Respondent-driven sampling (RDS), combines “snowball sampling” (getting individuals to refer those they know, these individuals in turn refer those they know and so on) with a mathematical model that weights the sample to compensate for the fact that the sample was collected in… Read more »

Capacity building survey: social media & research

Social media have big implications for how researchers (and people in general) communicate and collaborate. The Capacity-Building Committee of the Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS (of which PAN is a member) has launched this short survey to learn about the capacity building needs and interests of REACH members. The survey should take less than ten… Read more »

March Review of What’s Hot in HIV Research

What’s Hot: The HIV Treatment Cascade I didn’t attend AIDS 2012 in Washington last July, but I do remember that when others came back they were all abuzz about the concept of the treatment cascade as possibly the next “big thing” in the way that we conceptualize HIV prevention and treatment. Now, many months later,… Read more »

CIHR Spring 2013 Funding Opportunities

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) funds much of the HIV/AIDS related research in Canada, including community based research. Below is a list of upcoming opportunities related to HIV/AIDS. Please visit the CIHR website for a full list of opportunities as some projects may also be able to apply for different funds. Planning Grants:… Read more »