Membership Application

Thank you for your organization’s interest in becoming a member of the Pacific AIDS Network (PAN).

Next step: Download PAN’S Membership application form (pdf, or fillable pdf). It contains important information, and application instructions. Please submit no less than 30 days before an Annual General Meeting. The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be October 25.

Please note:

  • As of June 2017, in the light of our expanded vision to “lead an inspired, strong and effective community-based response to HIV/AIDS, HCV and related communicable diseases and conditions the PAN Board has updated its policy outlining the criteria and process by which it decides whether to endorse your application, and which class of membership it will recommend (full/voting or associate).
  • All applications must be moved by an existing member agency at a PAN Annual General Meeting (AGM), and must be accepted by majority vote of PAN’s membership. Therefore, regardless of the Board’s recommendation, it is the membership that decides who will become a new member of PAN.

If you have any questions about this membership application, please contact Simon Goff, PAN’s Executive Assistant: [email protected].