Webinar: Hepatitis C Basics Workshop

Are you a service provider who works with people who are disproportionately impacted by hepatitis C? Then this workshop is for you! This 2-hour virtual workshop presented by CATIE and BC Hepatitis Network will introduce hepatitis C transmission, prevention, testing and treatment to support sharing information with their clients and engagement in hepatitis C care. The workshop is interactive, allowing attendees to participate in discussions and case study activities to contextualize how to apply this knowledge in their work.

​For any questions about this workshop, please contact Kate Fish [email protected] or Zoé Bordeleau-Cass [email protected].


Accessibility notes:

  • this workshop will not be recorded
  • eating, drinking, cuddling pets, standing, walking, using fidget tools, and taking care of your bio needs independently is encouraged on screen or off
  • you have the right to pass
  • live captioning available