New Year, New Logo, New Tagline


As we move into 2022 we are excited to share our new logo and tagline: “Strengthening BC’s collective action on HIV, hepatitis C, and harm reduction.” Both logo and tagline honour our history, reflect the present, and lead us towards a hopeful future.

We choose to now be known simply as ‘PAN’, rather than Pacific AIDS Network. “PAN” is highly recognizable, in common usage, and respects our legacy. The change reflects that our work and mission have expanded since we started decades ago with a focus on HIV and AIDS. As HIV began to be part of additional complex health issues, our member groups and people living with HIV and other lived experiences shaped our evolution. Like the work of our member organizations, PAN’s projects and programs grew to include hepatitis C, other STBBIs and harm reduction.

Our new logo, tagline, and name are the final stage in the process that began in 2013 when we broadened our mission and vision to explicitly include hepatitis C and related diseases and conditions. Since that time, we have evolved – and will continue to evolve our governance and operations – to better include Indigenous voices and those of lived experiences. Our work tackles intersecting social determinants of health including systemic racism, poverty, stigma, discrimination, and disability.  We support our member organizations as our members, in turn, support their clients and communities. We support and encourage the leadership of people living with HIV and others with lived experiences in their critical work, be it on the front lines or in pushing for policy change. We advocate for better policies and adequate resourcing on the federal and provincial level, including responding to the many health emergencies that confront us all. We listen, and then we act.

We contracted a local graphic designer to incorporate the concepts of strength, movement and unity into a modern design, that reflects both the history and evolution of our work.  He retained the red associated with HIV/AIDS, as well as the teal from our website and eNews, whilst introducing the purple of overdose awareness.  The shapes call to mind blood cells, interconnected and moving together, as well as being reflective of the research aspect of PAN’s work. Centred in the inverse space is a white droplet for vitality and strength.  The result is a clean and professional logo that will represent us for years to come.

We are excited that this layered logo captures HIV, hepatitis C, and harm reduction as separate and connected issues, and that the spaces within reflect that we don’t do this work alone – our members, allies and the leadership of PLHIV and other lived experiences, continue to drive and inform our work towards a better future.”

– Katrina Jensen, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

To everyone who has followed and supported our work for the last 25 years, to those just getting to know us today, we look forward to continuing to strengthen BC’s collective action on HIV, hepatitis C, and harm reduction alongside of you.  PAN has a new look, but our ongoing commitment to social justice and health equity remains the same.