BC’s Overdose Overview May 2-8, 2021

Check the latest drug alerts for people who use substances. The linked page has up to date information on:
• overdose alerts
• overdose prevention sites
• safety information
• drug checking information


The weekly overdose dashboard provides provincial and regional information on:

• Illegal drug overdoses attended by paramedics (BC Emergency Health Service)
• Illicit drug toxicity deaths (BC Coroners Service defined)
• Mortality rate maps by Health Services Delivery Area (HSDA)
• Severity of ingestion poisoning calls coded in most severe category at time of ambulance dispatch (provincial view)
• Severity of overdose patient presentation assessed by paramedics using the Glasgow Coma Scale (health authority pages)
• Proportion of overdose patients transported to hospital

Weekly Overdose dashboard placemat May 2-8, 2021


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