Introducing Indigenous Cultural Safety Resources

We have recently published a new page for our members, allies, and stakeholders titled Indigenous Cultural Safety Resources. We humbly acknowledge we are not an authority on cultural safety.  A core approach of our work is being committed to ongoing learning to enable PAN, as an organization, to reflect, grow and change – and we recognize that we are not an authority on cultural safety. However, we are committed both to sharing our knowledge, as well as to learning from, our members, partners, and allies. This includes learning about cultural safety and accountability to Indigenous and First Nations people who have been subjected to ongoing discrimination and racism since European settlers colonized Indigenous territories. We are committed to meaningful, respectful, and accountable work, as individuals and as an organization. We want to be part of creating more equitable environments for everyone.  This new page is part of our work towards that.

We know there is no way we can represent all the good resources available, or all the work being done by many to dismantle systemic racism. However, we wanted to provide some of the resources and concepts that PAN staff have used in thinking about our goal of advancing Indigenous cultural safety – and to invite feedback and grow this page with suggestions from our members and partners.

The sections on the page consist of:

  • What is Cultural Safety?
  • Talking About Reconciliation and Decolonization
  • A Look Across Time
  • Allies, Accomplices, and Accountability
  • Training in Cultural Safety
  • PAN Programs, Research and Resources


Once again, please consider the page a work in progress. If you and/or your team have taken a helpful training or have a resource you’d like to share with our communities, let us know: janet [@]

Check out the page: Indigenous Cultural Safety Resources