SHAWNA Community Newsletter

Update on the Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Longitudinal Women’s Needs Assessment (SHAWNA) at the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity (CGSHE)


We have much exciting news to share, enclosed in the attached January 2021 SHAWNA Community Newsletter! As 2020 brought many changes to the world, it did to our team as well, including, great news about renewed funding for the SHAWNA quantitative cohort for another five years (Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project Grant, 2020-2025; PI: Dr. Kathleen Deering). We further want to highlight the SHAWNA qualitative and arts-based research ongoing since 2014 (PI: Dr. Andrea Krüsi), with many exciting studies in the pipeline.

Our SHAWNA Project Community Newsletter, which we plan to publish bi-annually (January and August) highlights important quantitative, qualitative and arts-based research updates and results that we want to bring back to the community and our community partners.

The SHAWNA quantitative cohort is an open cohort and active recruitment for this study is ongoing. Your help on sharing this information is appreciated. Bringing the research updates and results back to the community is an integral part of knowledge translation and community-based research, and we appreciate your support in distributing this important information.


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