Check out the Findings from PAN’s 2020 BC Testing Needs Assessment!

Testing technologies for different sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) have been changing rapidly as new testing interventions are constantly being developed and introduced for wider use. Over the summer of 2020, PAN reached out to 17 of our members and allied stakeholders to talk with them about the changing testing landscape and how it might impact their work, including the HIV self-testing (HIVST) (which has since has been approved in November 2020). We set out to provide information on HIVST and other novel testing technologies and to learn about the supports resources that organizations need to effectively support their roll out across the province. 

Overall, there was enthusiasm for HIVST and other new testing technologies. Participants also identified opportunities, challenges and needs to support new testing technologies moving forward. You can read the summary report here and the full report here 

The findings from the needs assessment will be used to inform PAN’s work moving forward to support testing in BC. We would like to thank all participants for their thoughtful insights 

For more information, please visit our New testing technologies for STBBIs webpage for ongoing resources and announcements. 


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