Flu Shot Finder

If you’re planning to get a flu shot this year, you will want to think ahead. For those who usually rely on a drop-in option at a clinic or pharmacy, appointments will be required. Given COVID-19 physical distancing considerations, appointments will be spaced apart to keep encounters as safe as possible.

The following information is health information and not to be taken as health advice. For individual health advice and recommendations, please talk to your doctor. 


What is the flu shot and why get one? Immunize BC explains what influenza (the flu) is, and why it’s important to have a shot this year.

What is the Inactivated Flu Vaccine? Important information for people with HIV, hep C, and other chronic conditions.

Where can you get a flu shot? Find a Clinic from Immunize BC helps you locate options near you. Plug in a city or postal code, and it will provide options.