KnowledgeConnect Webinar: Community-Based Research on Experiences of Women with HIV

We’re pleased to announce that our KnowledgeConnect webinar series schedule is filling up. Our next summer webinar will focus on community-based research and will be on Wednesday August 2, 1 PM- 2 PM Pacific Time.


The research team from CHIWOS (Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study) will share some data from their findings in BC. They will present information reflecting each different health authority in BC, providing a cohort profile of the different HAs. They hope that the information they provide can help PAN member organizations in the various health authorities better understand what the women in the area may be facing in terms of health and social support challenges.

The CHIWOS study

For those unfamiliar with CHIWOS, it is a national study exploring how women use HIV health and social services. As their overview describes,

Research has demonstrated that women face not only biological susceptibility to HIV, but also amplified vulnerability due to social factors such as poverty, marginalization, violence, and gender inequity. Women who are HIV-positive have unique care needs, but frequently face inattention to their specific social circumstances and health needs, particularly those of a sexual, reproductive and mental health nature, and may experience diverse challenges in accessing care.

With few women-specific services available and decreased funding impacting the capacity of many organizations (the recent closure of Positive Women’s Network is a prime example), organizations providing support and referrals to women with HIV will benefit from hearing the data reflected by the experiences of women with HIV.

Registration for the webinar is open, and we look forward to connecting on August 2.


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