Upcoming Webinar – “Crowdsourcing: What is it? And How Can it be Used in Evaluation Practice?”

The American Evaluation Association is hosting a webinar on the use of crowdsourcing in evaluation. As defined by the webinar presenter Tarek Azzam crowdsourcing is, “the process of using the power of the many individuals (i.e. the crowd) to accomplish specific tasks.” Azzam explains that the idea of crowdsourcing is not new, but due to recent developments in technology the ability to access the power of the crowd has become much easier. In this webinar Azzam will discuss how crowdsourcing can be used to develop survey instruments, determine reliability, and could potentially be incorporated into evaluation design and qualitative analysis. Crowdsourcing’s strengths and limitations will also be discussed. Register here for this interesting learning opportunity.
When? Thursday, April 18th at 2pm EST
Comments? Please contact Elayne Vlahaki at [email protected]