REACH Webinar on Respondent-Driven Sampling April 4

The REACH Capacity Building Committee invites you to learn about: Respondent-Driven Sampling

Respondent-driven sampling (RDS), combines “snowball sampling” (getting individuals to refer those they know, these individuals in turn refer those they know and so on) with a mathematical model that weights the sample to compensate for the fact that the sample was collected in a non-random way ( RDS is used in survey research as a way to sample groups who are often hidden or marginalized for and has been used in several recent Canadian studies. It is quickly becoming a method utilized in HIV surveillance in various locations around the world.

Watch a 30 minutes video presentation by Dr. Greta Bauer, an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at The University of Western Ontario, in which she provides us with an overview of RDS, drawing on her experience with three recent survey projects.

•Follow this link to watch the 30 minute presentation prior to the live webinar:

Attend a live online discussion with Dr. Greta Bauer: on April 4th, 2013, 3PM EDT (please adjust for your time zone), about why, whether, and how we should be using RDS in HIV surveillance and beyond. Click here it register and receive your log in instructions

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