Using Evaluation Findings

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Is your orgranization guilty of collecting evaluation data and then never looking at it again? As the comic above reminds us, evaluation is only useful if the information gathered is used to improve program delivery and make evidence-based decisions. There are many factors that can increase the likelihood that your evaluation findings will be used, including:

  • community involvement in the evaluation process – actively engage community members throughout the evaluation process
  • having an individual or group of people who personally care about the evaluation and the findings it produces
  • systematically building evaluation into decision-making processes
  • evaluations that are highly objective, and present recommendations that are actionable, fact-based and unbiased
  • having a clear and focused dissemination plan for the evaluation findings


As we move forward into the next fiscal year, be sure to use the data you have collected to inform program planning and decision-making for your organization! Remember that without use, evaluation looses its purpose.

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Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
Program Manager
BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group