Job Posting – Peer-Research Associate (PRA) Training Consultant – CHIWOS


POSITION TITLE: Peer-Research Associate (PRA) Training Consultant
CLASSIFICATION: Part-time, Temporary (approximately 15-25 hours per week from January-May and then 5-10 hours per week from June-December 2013, with hours required varying by month)

The PRA Training Consultant will help create and deliver a multi-phase CHIWOS PRA training plan for the national CHIWOS study. The training plan will include individual-level training (with e-learning resources for PRAs), provincial-level training (to occur in each CHIWOS province (BC, Ontario, and Quebec)), a national-level training, as well as ongoing training resources, including new recruit and refresher training. The overall purpose of the training plan is to provide PRAs with the skills, knowledge, support, and confidence required to successfully administer the CHIWOS survey instrument to a diverse community of women living with HIV.

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