PAN Website Re-Organized

I’m pleased to let you all know that we did a bit of a re-organization of the PAN website last week.  Based on user feedback we decided to reorganize the main menu and create a set of revised menu items from the home page, those being:

  • Home
  • About
  • News
  • Programs & Projects
  • Resources
  • Contact

The About menu is largely the same, with a few minor modifications to the drop-down menu.  We grouped a few things together to make it a little easier to navigate.

The News section remains the same and still uses a blog-style format.

The Programs & Projects menu is brand spanking new.  This drop-down menu, and subsequent drop-over menus, list the various programs and projects that PAN is currently involved in.  Some of the pages are still in development so please excuse us while we spiff everything up.

The Resources menu is also new.  Can you smell that new car smell?  This section of the website is where we have moved all the various, you guessed it, resources that we have available for download from the various programs and projects that PAN is involved in.  In this section you will find a number of drop-over menus from some of the main items listed under the Resources menu.   There are literally hundreds of documents (just ask Sarah who tested the links) listed here and available for viewing or download.  This is a section of the website that will be ever changing so check back often!  You can also find the mini-blogs for the Community-Based Research Program, the BC HIV/AIDS Evaluation Advisory Group and the Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV/AIDS/HCV Provincial Advisory Committee.  These mini-blogs also feed into the master ENews blog.

The Contact menu is the easiest place to find emails and phone numbers for PAN staff and Board.

We will continue making small changes and enhancements to the website over the course of the summer and by September it should be looking, and reading, sharp and fully functional.

Stacy LeBlanc
Director of Program Development