Official Launch of Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC)

The CDPC represents a diverse and growing national network of civil society organizations, individuals that include front-line harm reduction and treatment providers, youth organizations, parents, HIV/AIDS service organizations, people who use drugs, researchers and public health officials.

Our goal is to produce and advance constructive drug policy recommendations to all levels of government through collaboration with communities across the country. It is time to move away from our current punitive approach to substance use problems to one rooted in public health, evidence, social inclusion and human rights.

Together we can reduce harm from substance use, including death and disease, and improve public safety while minimizing organized criminal involvement in the drug trade.
We urge you to visit to learn more about our vision for:

  • A health, social and human rights approach to substance use;

  • The important role harm reduction approaches play;

  • Removing the stigma of criminalization for people who use drugs;

  • Moving beyond the current approach to drug prohibition;

  • A national dialogue on drug policy for Canada.

The site also features stories about prominent drug policy pioneers, current drug policy related events here and around the world, more about our partners, and CDPC’s voice and issues in the media.  

Most importantly – is a place for you to take action and join us in shaping the future of drug policy, legislation and institutional practice in Canada.  We want to work with your communities, hear your ideas and have you join in collective discussion to transform drug policy in our country.