Two new documents related to STOP HIV/AIDS recently released

Two new documents have been added to the PAN website related to STOP HIV/AIDS.

The first document is the STOP HIV/AIDS Leadership Committee Indicators Report.  From the introduction of the report:

The progress of the STOP HIV/AIDS Pilot Project as measured by select indicators is an imperative component of project monitoring and feedback to stakeholders. In this initial report we describe changes in 19 key surveillance and clinical indicators in the opening months since the introduction of the STOP HIV/AIDS Pilot Program in the Vancouver and Northern Interior Health Service Delivery Areas.


The second document is Vancouver Coastal’s Community Engagement Consultation Report for STOP HIV/AIDS.  The report was generated based on information provided by participants in interviews and discussion groups this past summer, looking at how to better coordinate services for HIV testing and treatment.

Both documents have also been added to the Network Intiatives/STOP HIV/AIDS page of the PAN website.